About us

Our Vision

  • We envision a world where people of diverse backgrounds live in strong communities and in harmony with nature.
  • We believe that games can be a powerful tool to connect people from around the world, to strengthen empathy, to transfer skills and to guide action.
  • By linking passion and skill through empathy, we hope to build powerful applications that drive change towards a better, more inclusive world

Our values

  • Equality and Fairness
  • Non-Discrimmination and Acceptance
  • Empathy and Understanding
  • Willingness to do better!
  • Fun and joy


Experimenting with big ideas and small steps. Background in international affairs and innovation management.


Passionate programmer, gamer and soccer fan who loves going out with friends. Currently in Germany but eager to explore the world!


A lifelong lover of video games, language, and cats. I’m a linguist who specializes in historical and sociolinguistics and a gamer who plays many an RPG.


An artist by nature and a gamer by passion with a background in architecture to help building things to life.


Artist-explorer, always open to experiments and learning, with a passion for adventure, narration and mystery, love for nature and excitement about games.


Physicist / Oceanographer / Music Composer with a passion to tell stories through his music — classical, contemporary, jazz, vocal, electronic, world.


Multidisciplinary designer and researcher with an eye towards Interactive Storytelling, Narratology and games with coherent and meaningful stories. Driven to create a future where games can be considered equal to artistic works.


Sociolinguist who specializes in language and identity construction in video game communities. Play video games… for science.


Artist and tabletop gaming enthusiast with an interest in all sorts of creative endeavors. I love storytelling and making friends laugh, both especially through games.


Linguist, researcher, world-builder, and avid conlanger. I’m a Ph.D. student and language revitalizationist who loves crafting meaningful stories in multiple mediums.


Filipino writer with a passion for musical theatre, fostering online communities, and exploring the liminal space between the two cultures she grew up in.


Artist from Germany with a great love for fashion and theatre.